My Daughter and I recently got home from our hospital stay in Billing’s Montana.  She has this sucky, not so fun disease called Cystic Fibrosis.

From most of April and May she has been on and off antibiotics to get her to breathe better and not cough. Especially when that cough was keeping her up at night!

The morning of May 23rd I was able to connect with her Doctors in Billings and the desicion was made to hospitalize her and clean out her system starting the next day.  Being a new CF mom I was thinking it would be a couple nights at the hospital, but I got there and found out that we would be there for atleast 10 days!!!

The hardest part of all this is seeing my not even 2 year old yet go through all of this. I had to drop her off in her operating room to get her PICC line and I lost it when I got to the waiting room.  I know that there are children out there that are going through much worse than what my daughter is going through, but it is still hard on me as her Mom seeing her struggle with breathing at times, and just all the pokes and proves she goes through.

We ended up staying 14 days (2 weeks) to get her lung function up and her inflammation markers to come back normal, and to make sure she didn’t have a cough anymore.

Mac did amazing at the hospital, considering it all.  The toughest part was all the chest treatments she had to do during the grated on her patience.  We were tied down a lot in the hospital room with Chest Therapies 4 times a day and antibiotic treatments 2 times a day, but snug some outside time everyday to enjoy the fresh air and stretch our legs.


I didn’t take as many photos as I should have, I took a lot with my phone ( those phones are just so convenient ) And a lot of times my daughter would put her hand out for me to hold or would pat the seat next to her, so I did just that! I sat by her and held her hand and was just there for what ever she needed of me, cuz well that is what Mother’s do.!!


My Pictures worth a thousand words….

All Medicated Up Before PICC Line

After coming out of anesthesia..

Cystic Fibrosis Patient

First Draw




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